Ravi Seethapathy

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Ravi Seethapathy is Manager – Systems Innovation & Advanced Grid Development, at Hydro One Networks and currently leads the power systems aspects/technical architecture of its Advanced Distribution Solutions (Smart Grid) program as well as its Corporate RD&D efforts. He led the Hydro One Corporate Smart Grid Strategy Taskforce in 2008 and from 2006 led the initial efforts in the integration of DER in the Hydro One Distribution system including creating the R&D network involving universities, associations and other forums to study the integration aspects of DERs. He has over 25 years of experience (in Hydro One/ erstwhile Ontario Hydro) in all fields of electric utility business and has progressively held leading positions in Research, Protection & Control, Field Operations, Hydraulic Generation and Transmission Operations, Generation Performance, Distribution Strategy and Planning, Mergers & Acquisition, Corporate Audit, Asset Management and Asset Strategies Divisions.

He has extensive 30 year knowledge in the utility industry, including the last 10 years in the area of DG connections/management, Smart Grid roadmaps/implementation.. He has actively led the power systems aspects/architecture of many projects and has led many research taskforces in Canada and abroad. He currently chairs the Sustainable Generation Options Interest Group (SOIG) of CEATI made up of Canadian and US Utilities. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Ryerson University’s newly created Center for Urban Energy and is on the Steering Committee of the “Large Scale Solar Integration” Research Project of the Ontario Centers of Excellence. He sits as the Canadian expert on the IEA PVPS Taskforce 14 on large-scale solar integration and on the International Microgrid Forum. He is the Canadian Representative of CIGRE Canada on the C6 Study Committee (DG and Emerging technologies) and sits on several of its sub-committees in Energy Storage, Rural distribution, Electric Vehicles. Ravi is an active Advisory Member of the Power Delivery, Utilization & Storage Council (PDUC) in Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) USA.

Ravi currently serves as an Adjunct Research Professor at the University of Western Ontario and as an Executive Adviser (Research and Innovation) to Ryerson University. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario. He has co-authored many leading technical papers in Advanced Grid systems and actively lectures at Conferences and Universities. He holds a B.Tech (Hons) in Electrical Power from IIT, India, an M.Eng in Electrical Power from University of Toronto and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. He has received several citations and awards.

He has Chaired/served on many technical and other voluntary Boards such as Ryerson University, Canadian Club, Scarborough Hospital, TV Ontario, Engineers without Borders, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce and Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Advisory Council.