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Final AGM Wrap Up a Success

A sincere thank you to the many researchers, graduate students and stakeholders who attended the final NSMG-Net AGM in Markham on October 5.  A special thanks to our keynote speakers (Dr. Chris Marnay and Edward Arlitt) and panel members (Richard Wunderlich, Eric Deschenes, Jean Lessard and Lisa Dignard), who shared valuable insights and contributed to an informative discussion on the future of microgrid research in Canada.

AGM 2015 group photo

2015 AGM attendees (photo by S. Wong)


We are pleased to provide slide decks for some of the presentations and posters at the meeting – click on the links below to view (more to be added as they become available).

Microgrids Before and After Fukashima-Sandy – Chris Marnay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Perspectives on Smart Grid Development – Edward Arlitt, IESO

Theme 1 Research Update – Reza Iravani, University of Toronto

Theme 2 Research Update – Geza Joos, McGill University

Theme 3 Research Update – Julian Meng, University of New Brunswick

Project 2.6 Update:  BCIT Microgrid Demonstration Project –  Hassan Farhangi, BCIT and Geza Joos, McGill University


Graduate Student Posters

A Robust Hierarchical Control Structure for Virtual Power Plants – Fahimeh Kazempour, Amirnaser Yazdani, and Reza Iravani

Supervisory Control and Management System for an off-grid Microgrid under High Depth of Penetration of Renewables – Sherif Helmy and Reza Iravani

Open Loop Synchronization of Micro-grids – Y. Zhou and P. Gao

Hierarchical Microgrid Control to facilitate Renewable Generation Integration – Michael Ross and Farah Awan

Optimal Planning of Advanced Microgridswith an Energy Management System – Mike Quashie

The Impacts of Solar-PV Units in a Microgrid – Gail Hayhoe

Distributed Computing Approach to Solve Three-Phase Distribution OPFs – Abolfazl Mosaddegh, Claudio Canizares and Kankar Bhattacharya

Including Smart Loads for Optimal Demand Response in Integrated Energy Management Systems for Isolated Microgrids – Bharatkumar Solanki, Akash Raghurajan, Kankar Bhattacharya & Claudio Cañizares

Frequency Regulation in Isolated Microgrids Through Load Voltage Regulation – Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Claudio A. Cañizares, and Kankar Bhattacharya

Characterization of the wireless channel and applications – James Oyedapo

Multiple-Instance RPL for QoS Differentiation in Microgrid Communications Networks – Gowdemy Rajalingham, Quang-Dung Ho, Tho Le-Ngoc

Distribution Automation Communications: Sensors, Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection – G. Owhuo, J. Cardenas, R. Macdonald, E. Hatfield, Jia Jia

Co-Simulation Platform for Smart Grid Adaptive Volt-VAR Optimization of Distribution Networks using IEC 61850 – Moein Manbachi