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IREQ and CanmetENERGY Tours

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On April 26, 2012, members from NSMG-Net’s Project 3.2 (Intelligent Microgrid Communication and Information Technologies) attended tours of IREQ’s and CanmetENERGY’s research facilities in Varennes, QC.  Among the many demonstrations seen, at IREQ, researchers were able to see how the performance of smartgrid communications devices are assessed and tested before being deployed in the field.  At CanmetENERGY, a level 3 BOMA BESt certified building, they were shown the ice banks and how they are used by the building energy management system to shave significant amounts of peak demand.

Photo: IREQ’s research facilities in Varennes, QC

From left to right:
Quang-Dung Ho (McGill) Prof. Tho Le-ngoc (McGill) Christopher Leung (McGill) Jean Goulet (IREQ) Gowdemy Rajalingham (McGill) Lisa Dignard (CanmetENERGY) Yue Gao (McGill) Marthe Kassouf (IREQ) Alexandre Prieur (CanmetENERGY) Steven Wong (CanmetENERGY) Basile Agba (IREQ)

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